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Disinfect your workspace with the Air-Guard USA

Air-Guard USA offers two options for light weight, portable, convenient, and highly functional smoke machines that disinfect your home and workspace.

It spreads fog to fill entire spaces in every direction. Depending on the size of the unit, Air Guard generates between 3,500 cu.ft. – 14,000 cu.ft of output.

Air-Guard is available in two sizes, the AG-800 for small business and personal use, and the larger AG-1500 for larger commercial applications.

Operation is easy. Simply turn on the power and press the button on the handle!  It expels FLD sanitation solution (which is sold separately) leaving a layer on the surface of objects in the room to inhibit bacteria growth.

Air-Guard can be used as a regular maintenance solution in many places, including but not limited to your car, your home, your office, theatre’s, department stores, day cares, airports, gymnasiums or hospitals! It can kill most fungi, germs, viruses, dust mites and it gets rid of bad odors effectively.

To protect the health of you and your loved ones, remember to wash your hands diligently and wear a mask while in public places. Periodically sanitizing your spaces to kill germs and viruses via the Air-Guard system, is an additional protective measure deployed in a “set and forget” fashion!

Please note that the FLD Fluid is pending certification to kill, disinfect, or sanitize the Coronavirus.