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QSC CXD Review


This amplifier makes all your hopes and dreams come true. With 3 models avalible, the CXD line will fit any job!

SO many features to talk about. First, you’ve got Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST) which allows you to power your outputs however you see fit. Need 4 independent outputs powering several types of speakers? Done. Need all of your outputs to be summed in order to drive a big subwoofer? Done. Got a bunch of 70V speakers in the ceiling of your bar/restaurant? Piece of cake. The flexibility of this amp is staggering.

Another great thing about this amp is the on-board DSP. All of this can be configured on the LCD touchscreen on the front of the unit, or through the Amplifier Navigator App available for download on QSC’s website. You can set EQs, compression and limiting however you want. BUT, if you want to use QSC’s presets (there are dozens of them) you can find one that matches the speakers you’re driving. That’s right, this amp comes with presets to optimize the sound of tons of common loudspeakers. All of this is right out of the box.

I really like the interface on this amp too. You’ve got a choice to use the full screen of your computer with the Amplifier Navigator, but the LCD on the amp itself is pretty intuitive if you don’t have a laptop with you. There are tons of ways to customize everything like amp presets, profiles and lockouts. Always great to password your amp if you don’t want an install client accidentally changing your settings. The icing on the cake is the ability to put your own or your client’s logo on the standby screen so they can be reminded of your great install work!
Installs for me would be a totally different experience without this awesome product, so of course it gets 5 stars for this review!