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Allen & Heath QU-24 Review

Allen and Heath Qu24

If you’re mixing FOH for a band with 24 inputs or less, the Allen & Health Qu-24 should be the first console you reach for. The DSP built into this console is the real selling point. With dedicated EQ, compression, HPF, and gate build into each channel, you get a ton of processing without having to lug around a big rack of gear. Hate rolling out a big 24 channel snake? The on-board d-snake allows for all your inputs to be routed from your stage-box to the console via ethernet. Super convenient since shows of this size are commonly run with just one Want to mix monitors and mains from the same board? The Qu24 offers tons of different mix options utilizing the motorized faders and layers commonly featured on digital boards.

So all this stuff is great, but aren’t digital boards hard to setup? Not at all. Once you’ve found a good starting point for your routing, just save your settings into the console. This will save you a ton of time when zero-ing out the board or prepping for your next show.

To summarize this review, I love the processing on this console and its compact design makes it easy to move around and handle even on a solo job. If you need something versatile and powerful, look no further.
Great console, limited inputs and mix capability. 4.5 stars.