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QSC K10 Speaker Review

This little speaker is fantastic. The QSC K10 is an active, two-way box with built-in handles to give you easy handling and movement while setting up and tearing down.  Manufactured for small venues demanding fast setup and teardown, this product does exactly what you expect it to do.

The K10 has a number of features for different applications. With a built-in mic preamp, you can have 1 mic, stereo music playback and several other combinations of sound reinforcement without the need of a mixer. This makes for a very simple PA for small crowds, meetings and conferences. Featuring a 90º conical coverage pattern, this thing is great for wider event spaces. I’ve used this speaker often as a monitor wedge, and performers love the clear sound and high SPL for a small monitor.

If you’ve worked live sound solo, you understand how nice it is to have well positioned handles on your speakers. The K10 has a great, rigid handle positioned on the top. This was taken into effect with the K10 tote (sold separately) velcro flap, that allows you to carry the speaker itself, instead of a cloth handle. Unfortunately, there is only one side handle. Normally, this wouldn’t frustrate me, but this handle is located on the bottom of the speaker, when being used as a wedge on stage. Not sure why the rubber feet weren’t just put on the other side!! Easy handling should never be overlooked and overall, I am very comfortable handling this speaker.

Though not made of solid steel, this speaker is pretty rugged. Personally, I’ve seen these speakers take the usual beating of regular load-in and teardown all in a soft case. It takes quite a bit for any kind of damage or wear to show on these boxes- they always look clean and professional! On the road mishaps can happen, speakers get dropped and knocked around. Even in the extreme cases of physical punishment, the QSC K10 continues to produce great sound (the show must go on!). On the downside of durability, the K10 tote bag does not stand the long-term wear test. Over time these bags tear and fall apart, so if you’re transporting them regularly, I would suggest a road case.

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All in all, for this review, I give the K10….10/10, 5 stars! Nice