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Mobile Stage at Wibby Brewing

Just finishing teardown for another fantastic show at Wibby Brewing yesterday on July 2nd, it was the first annual Lagers and Lumber Event.. One of my favorite aspects of our production at this event was our mobile stage. Now that our crew has gotten plenty of practice setting up this panel stage for various events we are getting much faster at leveling and deploying in any environment. While setting staging inside is always easier due to having a level foundation for the stage, outdoor planning and execution has become second nature. Challenges of uneven ground and pesky curbs are no problem with our adjustable staging concepts stage legs with leveling feet.

This leveling feature works great with locking adjustable stairs. Whether you’re looking for a deck height 24”, 36” or somewhere in between, our adjustable stairs will make sure you can step on stage with confidence. Those stairs are not light. Weighing in around 150 lbs, you know these stairs are rock solid.

I am still impressed with the stability of this stage! One of the best parts of setting staging is the dance, run and jump test we always do on the mobile stage after we’ve finished. Cross bracing and panels that lock together are essential to a temporary structure such as this, and make it so the platform won’t budge an inch during our test. Performers should feel safe while on stage, so they are able to perform at their best! By the way, did I mention each of these 8×4 panels are engineered and tested for over 2,000 lbs each?? Woah.
While this mobile stage does not have a top, Wibby Brewing’s concrete pavilion houses our stage perfectly to protect artists and equipment from the elements. Often times we will provide a 20’x20’ frame tent (or larger!) to house our stage, but this particular event made things a little easier. So thankful for a great concert space!


Rockfan Mobile Stage Setup

Mobile Stage set up at Wibby Brewing